Xbox 360 4GB With Kinect – The Best Xbox 360 Package For Xbox 2011!

Xbox 360 With KinectIn this article we are going to have a look at the Xbox 360 4GB With Kinect and why we consider this to be one of the top Xmas gifts of 2011. Truth is there are 3 main consoles out there at the minute that are sought after if you are into gaming and that is the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii.

What sets the Xbox 360 4GB With Kinect apart id the price for this Christmas 2011. You get the new black Xbox 360 which includes the latest board so red lights and hardware issues are far less likely to happen.
The console also comes with a 4GB hard drive that while this is not the biggest but it is WAY cheaper than the Xbox 360 250GB hard-drive version. Of course the main thing as well is that you get the Kinect that when bought alone costs nearly as much as this console.

Another feature about the Xbox 360 4GB With Kinect is the fact that you get the actual Wi-Fi built into the Kinect so this means rather than having the normal wireless adapter on the back of the console you will now get a much better signal in most cases.

Of course you will also get the option to become a member of Xbox Live with the package and we recommend making sure you have enough for the $10 monthly fee so you will be able to play your games with people around the world. You will also be able to watch the latest movies and download them and there is also a feature on Xbox Live where you can listen to Last Fm and all of your favourite music.

You also get 1 Xbox 360 Wireless Controller so if you need another it is a good idea to purchase an extra one to avoid disappointment. The other interesting thing about the new model Xbox 360 is that you get more USB ports that come in handy. Before the Xbox 360 only had 2 at the front and if you had headphones and the Kinect plugged in and you wanted to listen to your IPod this could cause problems. With this model you get a total of 5 USB ports which are 3 at the back and 2 at the front.

Lastly you also get a free game called Kinect Adventures and this is awesome because it will allow you to see what you can do with your Kinect!
Here is exactly what you get in the box:
Xbox 360 4GB S Console
Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360
Kinect Adventures game – rated ā€œEā€ for Everyone
Xbox 360 Black Wireless Controller
Xbox 360 Composite A/V cable (standard definition)
One Month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership
1 year limited warranty on console

If you want to make someone very happy this Xmas it is well worth checking out the Xbox 360 4GB With Kinect.

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