Playstation 3 320GB With Move Bundle – Check Out The Best Price On The 320GB With Move Bundle!

PS3 Move BundleThe Playstation 3 is always an awesome toy and for Christmas 2011 it is predicted to be one of the top sellers. What makes the Playstation 3 more appealing is the fact that the 320GB version is now offered with the Move controller.
For those of you that are not sure about the Move controller and the Playstation Eye Camera that is also included in the package this article will help you out a little. The move controller is equipped with a three axis gyroscope and a three axis accelerometer as well as a magnetic field sensor!

What the Playstation move does during gameplay is track the precise movements and also the angle of the controller and the Playstation Eye camera which will be set up to be aimed at the player allows the console to detect the exact position of the player at any given time.

When you add both of these features together you get very realistic and responsive movements in game and this of course means that you will have hours of fun controlling your Playstation 3 and playing games with your movements alone.

To test out the capacity of the Playstation Move you also get a game included that is Sports Champions and it features six events that range from table tennis to gladiatorial combat so this will allow you to work out the Playstation 3 Move device! You will also be able to have two move controllers as well if you wanted to play with a friend.

Of course the other features of the Playstation 3 With Move Bundle deserve a mention as well. You will get a HUGE HD with the system and 320GB is more than enough to download movies even Blue-Ray ones and games. Of course the Playstation 3 also has a big advantage over the Xbox 360 in the way that you will be able to play Blu-Ray discs in the system for unrivalled picture quality.

The actual Dual Shock controller that you get with the bundle is one of the new ones as well and it features pressure sensors in each button and also the Six axis motion sensing technology that will allow you to feel each crash and explosion right in the palm of your hands!

Here is an overview of what you get with the Playstation 3 Move Bundle:
PlayStation 3 320 GB system
DualShock 3 wireless controller
PlayStation Move motion controller (wireless)
PlayStation Eye camera
Sports Champions Blu-ray game
PlayStation Move game demos disc
AC power cord, AV cable, USB cable

If you know someone that is after a Playstation 3 this Xmas then there has NEVER been a better time to pick up the system and with a whopping 320GB Hard Drive and the Playstation Move device you can save some big bucks this Xmas!

Just remember to pick up another controller if you want to play with 2 players!

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