Holiday Decor in a Hurry: Quick and Easy Christmas Decorations for Your Home

Christmas decorations

It won’t be long before it is Christmas again and time to decorate your home with Christmas decorations. People have busy schedules and often have little time to spend on decorating the rooms of their house for the holidays. If you love the look of holiday decorations but need some ideas that are quick and easy, here’s some suggestions.

Plant Power

Poinettias, with their bright red color add a quick splash of Christmas color. Using several Poinsettias together along a fireplace or window sills make a beautiful floral arrangement and are cheap and easy Christmas decorations that don’t require a lot of work to put together.

Unconventional Uses for Traditional Christmas Decorations

What is more beautiful and festive than the traditional look of ribbon and bows. They require very little time or effort and can be used in many ways to add a unique holiday display. You can use ribbon and bows as tiebacks for curtains or to give a festive holiday look to your dining table. Put them on the backs of the dining room chairs for a unique holiday look. Wrap one piece of ribbon horizontally around the back of the chair and another piece vertically. Have the pieces meet and overlap as you would on a boxed gift. Add a large bow where the two pieces meet to finish off the look.

Recruit Everyday Items as Decorations

For an untraditional holiday look, you can use everyday household items for quick, festive arrangements. You can fill up a sculpted bowl, place it on a gold or silver tray and fill it with different sized colored fruits. Pomegranates, oranges, cranberries, kumquats and tangerines all make a colorful holiday display. Add some sprigs of holly or other festive greenery to finish the look. Place gold Christmas balls and you have a stunning centerpiece in minutes.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Candles

Candles are always a great, inexpensive way to decorate for holidays. Place a group of dinner candles in gold or silver candle holders of varying lengths on a tray for a beautiful centerpiece on the dining room or coffee table. Cinnamon sticks, pinecones or Christmas balls placed on the tray will finish the holiday look.

Turn Christmas Cards into Garland

What to do with all those Christmas cards that you receive? Just make a festive garland with them by stapling them along a long length of ribbon and hang it anywhere that you would normally hang a piece of garland, such as around a fireplace, in doorways or along banisters. The best part of using card as Christmas decorations is that they’re free and you are reusing paper products and being environmentally friendly.

Using these ideas for holiday decorating doesn’t take hours of planning and preparation. Try them out and see if they don’t reduce the stress and time of holiday decorating. The best part is once you start thinking outside the box you’ll find a multitude of inexpensive and unique items that can easily double as Christmas decorations and make your holiday decor truly your own.

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