Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game – Hot Toy For Christmas 2011!

If you are looking for the best toys for Xmas 2011 then you need to check out the Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game as this has been tipped as a Christmas 2011 best seller! Basically the game is a physical version of the top IPhone game Angry Birds and it is also great fun! You get 3 Angry Birds in the pack, green pigs and one Slingshot style launcher as well as structure pieces to build the levels and what makes it fun is that you also get mission cards as well.
The way it works is that the players draw a card and build the structure shown while the opposing team as to knock down the structure just like in the Angry Birds app.

At first with how fun the game is as an app you wouldn’t think that Angry Birds would translate well into a game but it is great fun!

Also if you have younger children you don’t have to worry as the rules are simple to follow and more fun than a task. As well as that the actual structures are well built and sturdy and some kids just like to play with the figures on their own. In fact as the game has you building the structures ready for each “game card” it is mildly educational as kids will learn something about physics.

The only downside to the Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game is that some of the structures can be a little tricky to build and to make things easier the cards are all grouped in level so you will be able to see how difficult a structure is before you start it but in truth it can get tricky!

So if you have a child who is impatient and let’s face it which child isn’t they might not like waiting for the structure to be built! However when you get to the fun part using the catapult it is quite difficult to shoot the structures down. It can be done and actually feels rewarding when you do it as well.

Just another word of warning about the Angry Bids Knock On Wood Game – make sure you keep everything all in one space as if you lose a few pieces of the structure you will not be able to build the levels shown on the game card.

Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game gets our vote as one of the top Christmas Gifts for 2011 if not the number 1 spot. The reason for this is because you can use this present as a simple stocking filler or as a “main” present and you are guaranteed to see a very happy recipient!

Just make sure if you are going to be picking up Angry Birds Knock On Wood game that you don’t wait too long as the game is set to sell out fast!

The other benefit of this game is that you can send to pretty much anyone and we have a sneaky suspicion that there will be just as many adults as children playing this game this Xmas!

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